The Crows Are Back

We are open for business (with the caveat of course that March is typically windy and so we have to take things day-by-day).  The goats are bred, the days are getting longer, and things are greening up around here!  And… The crows are back again this spring to steal my duck eggs.  I recently read…

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Deadlines, Projects, Markets, and Wonky Ducks

horses head

Summary:  Your network is your net worth, I had a mess of projects that somehow all ended up with deadlines last week, did my first market with the Goaty Goodies, one of my horses got stitches after trying to jump out of the trailer on the freeway, and my duck injured her neck.  So, basically,…

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Well, That Escalated Quickly

goat milk soap

Seriously. I sold out of soap.  Between online sales and our farm stand which has been bustling with wagon rides and camp fires, all the soaps are gone. ~blink blink~ What just happened? Soap-making is a new endeavor, so I had no idea how much to make.  Apparently “a metric crap-ton” is insufficient.  Duly noted. …

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Buck Nekkid Soap

happy goat

Well, with a bit of fiddling I’ve finally landed on the perfect goat milk soap recipe.  It’s fragrance and color-free, white, silky, bubbly, and soooooooo nice. The goaty girls provided plenty of milk over the summer for me to freeze batches of it for my soap recipe. My big dream was to get goats and…

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Order Your Goat Cards Online!

goat with flower crown

First, due to the overwhelming response to the Goat Cards, I’ve set up a shop on here for you to order your cards!  At this point I plan to have each collection on here indefinitely.  Subject to change.  (At this point in 2020, we’re all used to change and uncertainty, right?) Meanwhile, stay tuned.  Not…

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Managing Donations as a Business – a Strategy

money in piggy bank

We get a lot of donation requests.  Anybody with a business does.  And if they tell you it’s “great advertising”, they have missed the point.  Marketing is a different line-item in your budget, and in your head. Here’s our strategy for making donations: Have a Budget — Figure out how much you’ll donate each year…

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“All The Things I’ll Never Be” aka “Resolutions for 2020”

couple toasting with wine

Resolutions.  People seem divided on the notion.  Some are in the strictly disciplined camp of making resolutions and starting them immediately on January 1 (usually starting with “never drinking again”).  Then there are the militant eschewers of resolutions. Okay, so there may be 3 camps related to resolutions.  The third being those of us in…

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