Hotter than Satan’s Mixtape

Headed to the river yesterday and saw a fire hydrant chasing a dog.  THAT is hot.

The first batch of 5 babies are thriving, but with this heat (we actually had sidewalks buckle!), it seems the babies may not have sufficient appetite to meet milk production.

Luna’s udder was so big and taut that every time she brushed her teats with her legs while walking, she’d squirt a little milk out.  Poor girl was like a walking milk sprinkler.  Is that like a milkler?  minkler?  Anyway, I milked her and got just over a quart, which is pretty remarkable considering her baby was still nursing.  It’s just so hot, though, that the babies aren’t real hungry.

goat with flower crown with baby

There is one little buckling who is a bully, who eats like his life depends on it (it does).  He has a teat preference, and this discriminating taste of his leaves his mama lopsided in the udder department.  It’s gotta be bad on her back.

The does are due to begin milking but my whiz-bang homemade milking machines, like the babies, are not able to keep up with production.

Still one doe left to kid and the girl’s got a belly on her that rivals Jabba the Hutt.  Yet, she still doesn’t have much of an udder, so it’s looking like she’ll have at least twins if not triplets, and they’ll be awhile before they make their appearance.

All of the goats are in their new pen — much bigger and close to the pavilion so people can taste wine and watch the goats.  Some people (my husband) don’t understand the appeal of quaffing wine as goats frolic nearby.  So, I guess my target audience is pretty specific.

The horses are handling the heat well, letting nothing get between them and their hay.  I admire their (expensive) diligence.

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