The Crows Are Back

We are open for business (with the caveat of course that March is typically windy and so we have to take things day-by-day). 

The goats are bred, the days are getting longer, and things are greening up around here! 


The crows are back again this spring to steal my duck eggs.  I recently read a story about a woman who fed crows and they became so friendly with her that they would attack anyone who dared enter her yard.  She was concerned she’d be liable for the damage or injuries inflicted by the murderous murder.  So, she started encouraging her neighbors to feed the crows as well which seemed to go a long way toward building an alliance.  The black-winged army even saved a neighbor who slipped and fell on the ice.  The crows made such a racket that the other neighbors came out to see what was wrong (or who they were attacking), to find their friend on the ground.  
I don’t think my crows understand the transference of ownership between my ducks and I, and they seem to see the ducks not as benevolent, fluffy, vending machines but as annoying means to an egg.  I could either gather the eggs and then make a production of putting the eggs where the crows can find them (who has time for that?) or offer some other donation to the crows’ cause.  
I’m on the fence, really, about forging a relationship with crows.  On the one hand this fits pretty well with my fantasy of growing my hair long and grey, wearing a cloak, and riding a gallant steed while balancing a raptor on my arm as we charge off into the wilds to hunt for… stuff.  I’m not sure what we would hunt for.  Enemies?  Food?  Perfect selfie opps?  
The reality is something more akin to Moira Rose on horseback, with crows attacking me for not producing treats at the arranged time and place.  

The smartest thing might be to just wear black when I pick up duck eggs and hope I convince the crows I’m their crow Queen, who does with the duck eggs whatever she darn well pleases (quiche.  Lots of quiche.)
And of course, if you want to see what the critters are up to during their time off you can visit my YouTube channel.  It’s never boring around here!

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