Buck Nekkid Soap

Well, with a bit of fiddling I’ve finally landed on the perfect goat milk soap recipe.  It’s fragrance and color-free, white, silky, bubbly, and soooooooo nice.

The goaty girls provided plenty of milk over the summer for me to freeze batches of it for my soap recipe.

My big dream was to get goats and make all kinds of goodies like goat milk soap and cheeses.  Thank you Covid for helping me follow through, I guess.  That extra time on my hands made it possible.

If you’ve ever read the procedure for making “cold process” soap, you probably did like me and squinted your eyes and cocked your head to one side, thinking, “Really?  Do I want to try that in my house?”  The other outcome of Covid shutdowns is a newfound disregard for personal safety in one’s own home.  Risk homeostasis made me do it.  Living a life absent the usual threats — traffic, losing your temper at Target, etc. — we seek risks elsewhere.  For me, it was in my basement with a jug of lye and some goat milk.

I can’t honestly say “hilarity ensued”.  More like, “lots of self-talk and swearing ensued.”  Soap batter is fussy stuff, especially with milk that’s wanting to scald at a moment’s notice.  There were many batches that only ever made it so far as the garbage can.  More should have gone that way, but just because it’s ugly doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.  I started giving the stuff away so other people could throw it into their garbage can.

Eventually, after 6 months of trial and error, the goat milk soap recipe and procedure began to produce the results I was after: a creamy almost-white, fragrance and color-free, bubbly bar.

I learned tricks like freezing your goat’s milk and adding the lye to the frozen block of milk, curing the soap in the refrigerator, using special molds that keep the centers of the soaps from getting hot and turning brown, and ever more creative swearing techniques.

And now I’m bored with it. Ha!  Not really.

The soap is called “Buck Nekkid” and is available in the online shop always.  If you don’t find the quantity you are looking for, I can do bulk orders.  The soap takes 4 – 6 weeks to fully cure.

It’s good stuff and sure knocks the trail dust off…

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