The Crows Are Back

We are open for business (with the caveat of course that March is typically windy and so we have to take things day-by-day).  The goats are bred, the days are getting longer, and things are greening up around here!  And… The crows are back again this spring to steal my duck eggs.  I recently read…

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Hotter than Satan’s Mixtape

goat with flower crown with baby

Headed to the river yesterday and saw a fire hydrant chasing a dog.  THAT is hot. The first batch of 5 babies are thriving, but with this heat (we actually had sidewalks buckle!), it seems the babies may not have sufficient appetite to meet milk production. Luna’s udder was so big and taut that every…

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Deadlines, Projects, Markets, and Wonky Ducks

horses head

Summary:  Your network is your net worth, I had a mess of projects that somehow all ended up with deadlines last week, did my first market with the Goaty Goodies, one of my horses got stitches after trying to jump out of the trailer on the freeway, and my duck injured her neck.  So, basically,…

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Heartly the Buck is on the Payroll

baby goats

Lucy’s screaming will be abated for the next few months, thank-you-baby-jesus.  I have Heartly the buck to thank.  No sooner did he hit the dirt here on the farm and he immediately started “earning his pay” if you know what I mean. Lucy was shameless. Here are some little-known facts (or at least, rarely discussed…

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Love Needs to be Blind

making soap

Today in the soap studio (aka, “the basement”): I feverishly cranked out loaf after loaf of soap over the last couple of days in preparation for Valentine’s Day.  My latest adventure involved adding sugar to the soap batter.  “They” say it makes for a bigger, fluffier lather.  I’m all about Hollywood-glam-style bubbles, so I nabbed…

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Our Most “Popular” Nanny

baby goat

Lucy is nothing if not horny.  She is shameless and insatiable.  You think things around here are this idyllic scene of gauzy-gowned girls and frolicking goats. Most of the gauze around here is used in First Aid applications.  And Lucy the nanny is more interested in fornicating than frolicking. I know this because she broadcasts…

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Going Quiet

farm at sunset

This December we saw more guests than any December in the past.  We had more bookings than most of the 4th quarters of years past. The draft mares started the Holiday season fresh and sassy, charging into their harnesses, always offering a canter and bucking if their offer was refused.  That’s what a year off…

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Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The end of the year is always a big bang for us, the last big push to make some money before things go quiet around here for a few months.  This week we’re booked solid with wagon rides and I’m tempted to add a few more days of availability to our schedule.  It’s a tough…

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No Nuts, No Glory


We can probably all count on one hand the number of times things go perfectly to plan. Yesterday I shoulda bought a lottery ticket. 6:00 am — up and fed the critters 6:30 am — found the elusive pet carrier needed to haul Zay-the-Billy-Goat-Soon-to-be-Wether (ZBGSW) 7:00 am – 8:00 am — coaxed, wrestled, shoved, pulled,…

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Well, That Escalated Quickly

goat milk soap

Seriously. I sold out of soap.  Between online sales and our farm stand which has been bustling with wagon rides and camp fires, all the soaps are gone. ~blink blink~ What just happened? Soap-making is a new endeavor, so I had no idea how much to make.  Apparently “a metric crap-ton” is insufficient.  Duly noted. …

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