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With everything from beauty products to home décor, our shop has one-of-a-kind gifts for just about anyone. 

happy goat

Happy Goats Make the Best Products

We set the bar high for our bath and body products—and that means ensuring every goat on our farm lives a full, happy life, spending most of their days outside playing together in the Eastern Washington sunshine. Our products are handmade in small batches not 10 feet from where the goats sleep at night.

Thank you for supporting ethical, humane, and sustainable farming practices!

Our Team is the G.O.A.T.

Not everyone can say their coworkers are a team of lively quadrupeds, but that's just the kind of operation we run here at the farm. You'll see our goats' likeness in our stationery and home décor items, and you'll find their milk in all of our bath and body products. But never fear—they are well compensated for their efforts with yummy snacks and doting attention.

goats sleeping