Heartly the Buck is on the Payroll

Lucy’s screaming will be abated for the next few months, thank-you-baby-jesus.  I have Heartly the buck to thank.  No sooner did he hit the dirt here on the farm and he immediately started “earning his pay” if you know what I mean.

Lucy was shameless.

Here are some little-known facts (or at least, rarely discussed facts) that nobody ever mentions when it comes to darling baby goats.  Billy goats (the boys) pee on their own faces.  It’s to make the ladies a little weak in the knees.  Lucy, at least, found it irresistible.  The other does certainly warmed up to him after just a couple of applications of his cologne.  To his face, y’all!

Billy goats can also (and do) orally satisfy themselves.  Do not make me go into detail.

For these and a host of other reasons, we’ll never keep billies here.  I don’t need the smell or having to constantly attempt to explain this stuff to anyone.  They are a necessary evil for the creation of the precious little babies, but when his job is done he’s outta here.  I’m thankful for the receptiveness of the does, let’s get this over with.

He has 4 does to service, and I know he’s at least managed one so far.  At the rate he was “working” I’ll be amazed if he can move tomorrow.

Will we have solstice babies again this year?  Oh, to be so lucky!

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