No Nuts, No Glory

We can probably all count on one hand the number of times things go perfectly to plan.

Yesterday I shoulda bought a lottery ticket.

6:00 am — up and fed the critters

6:30 am — found the elusive pet carrier needed to haul Zay-the-Billy-Goat-Soon-to-be-Wether (ZBGSW)

7:00 am – 8:00 am — coaxed, wrestled, shoved, pulled, dragged, pushed, swore at and negotiated with ZBGSW to get him into carrier.  It was easier than I expected which isn’t saying much.

8:00 am-ish — Picked up little great niece to babysit, put her in her car seat and headed to the vet for “wethering” (the goat, not the baby or car seat).

9:00 am — deposited ZBGSW with our amazing vet, paid a rather astounding vet bill (an accumulation of events from the fall including the heart-breaking demise of our draft horse Sis).  Forgot mask.

9:30 am — home again, played with great niece for a bit, tried in vain to get some chores done around the house.

10:00 am — baby went home, headed to town to pick up paperwork to do a random drug test for my CDL (I drive school bus once in a great while), bought baking soda to work on some spa goodies, fulfilled some internet orders and shipped them.  Remembered mask.

11:30 am — made some spa goodies (research for creating the perfect shower steamer recipe and I’m SO CLOSE!)

12:30 pm — ran to town for hair appointment.  Remembered mask, forgot shoes and was still in slippers.  Glad to be dressed at least, even if I still smelled like billy goat.  Ever smell billy goat?  This is not a fragrance you’ll find in any of our soaps, ever.

3:00 pm — clinic for drug test.  Sent hubs a link to some welders for sale on Craigslist because your girl wants a welder for Christmas.  This took some convincing and frankly I’m a little shook that I have to work so hard to convince my husband to buy me a welder as a gift.  His logic being that he can’t buy me a “business item” as a Christmas present.

4:30 pm — picked up the newly wethered, sore, and traumatized Zay from the vet.  Receptionist’s first words, “let’s just bill you for this later, after the bill you paid this morning.”  I must’ve looked as sore and traumatized as Zay.

5:15 pm — cleaned water troughs, settled poor little gimpy Zay back into his pen, fed critters.

6:00 pm — dinner and a hard-earned glass of wine.

7:00 pm — tidied up kitchen, watched some Schitt’s Creek, fulfilled new soap and candle orders and realized I’m totally and completely sold out, cleaned up soaping area, printed label prototypes, planned new soap and spa goodies, answered some questions and comments on social media.

1:00 am — collapsed into bed to indulge in the kind of sleep only the righteous can achieve, bone-tired but mind still racing.

Did not buy lottery ticket, darnit!


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