Grape Harvest

Harvesting, crushing, fermenting, and pressing wine grapes. Work, work work!

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Order Your Goat Cards Online!

First, due to the overwhelming response to the Goat Cards, I’ve set up a shop on here for you to order your cards!  At this point I plan to have each collection on here indefinitely.  Subject to change.  (At this point in 2020, we’re all used to change and uncertainty, right?) Meanwhile, stay tuned.  Not…

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Obsession and Addiction

I have a little obsession lately here on the farm.  It’s a relatively new one and don’t worry, it won’t be replacing my horse obsession.  Or my wine obsession.  This obsession is universal but probably not accessible to all. What keeps me up at night and bloats my camera memory? Baby goats. Last month our…

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Cherries – Waste Not Want Not

Click here to skip the fluff and get right to the goods! It’s cherry season and we had some excess cherries from the tasting room. Like, 40 pounds of excess cherries. I’m not complaining.  We’ll happily eat them until we’re sick, and then eat more.  (Moderation has never been my strong-suit.)  I wanted to preserve…

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We Have Kids!

I know, pushing 50 is probably late to be having kids, but here I am, rocking it!  I have to say, it was effortless.  I never felt a thing. All four of my kids were born over the weekend and are walking already.  What can I say?  I raise over-achievers. . . . . .…

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Managing Donations as a Business – a Strategy

We get a lot of donation requests.  Anybody with a business does.  And if they tell you it’s “great advertising”, they have missed the point.  Marketing is a different line-item in your budget, and in your head. Here’s our strategy for making donations: Have a Budget — Figure out how much you’ll donate each year…

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At Some Point You’ll See Me In My Pajamas

At some point you’ll see me in my pajamas and the real takeaway is that you should be glad I at least have clothes on. Sometimes the farming life dictates that you run outside in whatever you happen to have on.  If that event occurs on a day that you planned to sleep in (I…

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“All The Things I’ll Never Be” aka “Resolutions for 2020”

Resolutions.  People seem divided on the notion.  Some are in the strictly disciplined camp of making resolutions and starting them immediately on January 1 (usually starting with “never drinking again”).  Then there are the militant eschewers of resolutions. Okay, so there may be 3 camps related to resolutions.  The third being those of us in…

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Don’t Come Crying to Me with Your Bleeding Head Wound

I’m officially banned from all first-aid activities. “Don’t be concerned when I come in the house” said Jeff when he called me.  I was inside.  He was mowing with the tractor and brush hog. “Um, okay” I said, no clue what he could be talking about. He came through the door and headed to the…

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